PVC Ceilings

PVC Ceiling & Wall Panels is made from precision extruded PVC comes in various Colors and Designs ranging from wood grains, onyx, granite and marble finishes. This Decorative, hollow, wall and ceiling Panel, finished with an ink or foil coating, is an excellent to use it in commercials and residential areas. The Indoor and Outdoor panels which are waterproof light weight, heat and sun resistant, fire retard. This in standard lengths of 5.8m to 5.9m x 190mm to 195mm, 600mm x 600mm which is 2ft x 2ft sizes. Components are H-joint, U-end, J-edge, External corner and internal corner.

PVC Panels are universal - they can nail down horizontally, vertically and at any angle. You can choose any color plastic panels and any texture. For plating surfaces of any complexity there are many additional PVC profiles - angles, molding. With the help of plastic panels can decorate the walls in the most modern styles.

Sheathing the wall with plastic panels fully capable of self-builder, this is a cheaper private construction.

PVC Wall Panels are designed for interior walls and ceiling. Wall panels made of this material is deservedly enjoyed great popularity among the customers for several reasons: Low Cost and Excellent Insulation.

All these features are suitable for finishing Sitting Rooms, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Toilets, Lobby, Offices and Restaurants.