Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceiling is a dropping ceiling hung below the main (structural) ceiling. This may also referred to as fate ceiling or drop ceiling and have a staple of modern construction and architecture. A typical dropped ceiling consists of a grid work which is wall angle, main runner, cross T and small T bar of metal channel, wire, nail and cartridge.

Suspended on wires from the overhead structure these channels shape together in a regularly spaced pattern typically are usually 600mm x 600mm which is 2ft x 2ft, 600mm x 1200mm which is 2ft x 4ft made of various materials from Gypsum Board, PVC Laminate, Vinyl Rock Tiles, Toledano Board, Perforated, Mineral Fiberetc. All are inserted or dropped into the ceiling grid to form a paneled and suspended ceiling system. Grid in Europe each cell is filled with lightweight tilesor panels which simply drop into the grid. Tile can be selected with a variety of materials, include Plastics, Mineral Fiber, Toledano, PVC Laminated, Gypsum Board and Vinyl Rock Tiles comes in various colors.

Light fixtures HVAC and others fixtures such as Incandescent Lights, Speaker and Fire Sprinkler Head are available which can be fixed into same space as a ceiling tiles.

All these features are suitable for finishing Sitting Rooms, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Toilets, Kitchens, Lobby and Restaurants but common in commercials application mostly in Banks and Offices, for easy replacement.